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Mia and Michael
My friends Mia Partlow and Michael Hoerger asked me draw a little author pic to go along with the release of their incredible book, Edible Secrets. And when I say little, I mean little. The illustration is only two square inches.


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The original inked version of this illustration was for thank-you cards for Deep Roots Animal Sanctuary. I then colored it in to use on buttons and possibly t-shirts.

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Localvore Page 1
Localvore Page 2
Localvore Page3
I just sent off my submission to the Soyfucker comics anthology zine. I decided to use my vegan asshole humor and attempt to expose some of the flawed logic often employed by omnivores. Don’t get me wrong, I strongly encourage everyone to eat locally. But killing animals is still killing animals. Regardless of your justifications, it is cruel and unnecessary. Ok, stepping off my soapbox for now.

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I was waiting for some photos to upload and just started sketching. This is what came out. I’m pretty sure it is because Jerico and I were talking the day before about doing a “silent comic” depicting animals tearing apart humans. Yes, that is an abominable snowman.

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Fatty Eddie Apple
Say hello to Fatty Eddie Apple. He is one of the two cats who have been living at the Deep Roots Animal Sanctuary since before it was a sanctuary. As I sat on the couch this evening to do some sketching, he laid in front of me and posed for a portrait. Fatty is very sweet – sometimes annoyingly affectionate.

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Blocking and Target Zones

This is an unfinished page from a comic zine, called 8 Wheels and No Pants, that I had started a year ago. The zine explains the basics of roller derby. I've decided to take on the task of finishing the zine.

Crazy Sketchbook

I bought a new sketch book this weekend. This is the first page – total fucking randomness. I was pretty tired and had no direction when I started drawing. My apologies for the crappy scan. Not sure what happened there and I’m too tired to rescan.

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